OrganIQ Food

OrganIQ Food is a preventative snack made to restore balance in the human organism.
Delivery date: 1 week

OrganIQ Food 

OrganIQ Food presents a perfect blend of 100% natural, unrefined grains, legumes, oil seeds, carob, cocoa and aromatic herbs, essential for the balance of the human organism. It's 3-week system eliminates any disbalance within the human organism, providing strenght and balance to all energy systems.

What’s in it?
15 ingredients.
100% organic.

This one-of-a-kind plant-based meal presents an ideal solution for people with dynamic and stressful occupations that leave no time for nutrition.


  • Digestive problems, excess stomach acid, nervous stomach, bowel problems
  • Chronic physical fatigue, pain in the musculoskeletal and connective system
  • Stress, lack of concentration, irritability, motivation and poor memory
  • Obesity, weight reduction
  • Cardiovascular disease, disorder of blood pressure, anemia, excess cholesterol
  • Diabetes, control of blood sugar
  • Nutrition of athletes, sports injury, injury tendency, lack of fitness


  • strengthens and balances all the energy systems of the human organism
  • maintains blood sugar levels which reduces pancreas strains
  • it’s very suitable for the implementation of low-calorie diets
  • ideal for the nutrition of vegetarians and macrobiotics
  • provides excellent recovery for debilitating illnesses
  • does not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colourants or preservatives
  • a source of fiber, contains natural carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acid low on gluten